Top Score is seeking expert teachers to instruct full classes and tutor students one-on-one. Teaching and tutoring take place primarily during afternoons, evenings and weekends. This is a part-time position. Hourly rates for teaching and tutoring begin at $40 per hour.

We are currently especially interested in and actively interviewing prospective teachers in Puerto Rico and Florida.

In order to effectively teach, you must be able to demonstrate a mastery of the test. A history of achievement on standardized tests or in academic settings is required to be considered for a teaching position. You must have a Bachelor’s Degree. You should have access to a car.

We are also hiring support staff including proctors, office assistants, and campus representatives.

Hiring Process

Our general hiring process includes three steps:

  1. Interview

    We interview all qualified candidates. The interview will last approximately one hour and includes a short teaching demonstration and mini-test.

  2. Train

    Our training is the core of our teacher development and support program. In our training program we convey our teaching methodology and help draw out our prospective instructors' presentation skills. We also use our training to most effectively assess a candidate's teaching skills, mastery of content, and professionalism. 

  3. Test

    Our practice test will last an hour. Please bring a calculator if you are planning to apply for a Math position.

We only hire part-time instructors who can commit to work with us for at least a year.

If you feel that you are qualified, please send a cover letter and resume to